TREE House Australia strives for a future where Australia has:

  • A clear understanding of the impacts of trauma
  • Service providers with tools to identify survivors with unresolved trauma and empathy for their experiences; and
  • Readily-available resources or programs to assist those impacted by trauma.

We believe that all Australians deserve to have a fulfilling life, feel safe and understood in their community.
If trauma is not properly recognised, many survivors with unresolved trauma continue through life without a full understanding of how past events are affecting them in the present. This can result in them feeling misunderstood, failing to seek appropriate treatment and not having their needs adequately met. This does not have to be the legacy for trauma survivors.

Purpose – TREE House Australia is established to be an organisation whose purpose is to advance the mental and physical health of:

  • Trauma survivors (including those suffering from significant adverse childhood events [ACES]) and those impacted by trauma;
  • Children who may be impacted by a parent/caregiver with unresolved trauma; and
  • Service providers at risk of experiencing vicarious trauma due to their work with trauma survivors.


Aim – Our organisation aims to bring together a collection of like-minded individuals to collaborate and network with the goal of providing the best outcome for trauma survivors. Essentially, we work with passionate people, motivated to provide best practice and services to trauma survivors.
We will achieve this by providing education and training to survivors and service providers, regarding the recognition, impacts, treatment and management of trauma.

Activities/ Objectives
To achieve its purpose set out above, the organisation proposes to:

  • 1) Develop screening tools to better identify survivors experiencing trauma, when accessing services;
  • 2) Develop guide sheets for service providers to utilise when providing services to, or working with, those impacted by trauma;
  • 3) Provide training and education to service providers working with trauma survivors regarding:
  • a) the impacts of trauma; and
  • b) the most recent developments in best practice for identifying, treating and/or managing trauma.
  • 4) Provide a forum for all people providing services to trauma survivors to collaborate and discuss best practice, with the view of enhancing the future for those impacted by trauma;
  • 5) Develop e-Resources that can be accessed by those impacted by trauma and distributed by service providers;
  • 6) Raise community awareness about the short-term, long-term and inter-generational impacts of trauma;
  • 7) Develop collaborative networks to assist in referring people who are impacted by trauma to appropriate professionals for treatment, assistance and/or support;
  • 8) Assist other organisations also working directly with trauma survivors to support their effectiveness and provide readily accessible services; and
  • 9) Hold fundraising events, seek donations and apply for grants to assist in the above mentioned activities.